Electronic Die Setter - 4 Cylinders

The Go Anywhere, Do-It-All Die Setting Solution

One compact, low-profile, wheeled cabinet contains everything you need for all the punch spotting, die setting, and die separation jobs in your shop.

Each unit has two modes of operation:

  1. Unify Mode - Cylinders will extend until they all contact the die, then they will lift uniformly.
  2. Parallel Mode - Cylinders will all extend at the same rate. To initiate this mode, cylinders must be fully extended or retracted.
  • Heavy-duty hydraulic power handles the heaviest dies with state-of-the-art electronic PLC control for precision and accuracy.
  • Handy self-retracting hose reels and control pendant keep every job site neat, and protect hoses and cables from damage.
  • Three different cylinder sizes are available, along with strong, lightweight cribbing blocks to extend their strokes to handle your biggest jobs.
  • Completely portable with large casters and built-in lifting bales, the Lamina Electronic Die Setter is the Go-Anywhere, Do-It-All Die Setting Solution you’ve been looking for.
  • If you use a tryout press for spotting punches and trim steels, you can free up that tryout press and use our Lamina Electronic Die Setter instead.

Standard Safety Features

  • Low voltage, three-button pendant for two hand control
  • Quick Disconnect Fittings
  • Palm Emergency Stop
  • Cylinder Safety Lock Cartridge Valves
  • Cart Foot Brake
  • Lifting Bales
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