Demountable Bushings Bronze, Bronze-Plated & Steel

These demountable bushings are available in three profiles: standard, short and extra long shoulder to give optimum flexibility in die set design. The bushings are also available in steel, bronze and bronze-plated materials and are ideally suited for running with commercial and precision posts. All demountable bushings are prefitted to the same diameter guide posts to ensure that the bushings and guide posts of the same diameter are completely interchangeable.

Demountable bushings are tap fit into location and seat flush with the ground face of the punch holder. The bushings are held in place with toe clamps and screws which provide perfect alignment of the bushing with the bore perpendicular to the ground surface of the punch holder. The clamp and screws provide four times the holding power compared to pressed-in bushings, yet they can be easily removed and assembled thus simplifying die building and maintenance.

All bushings are equipped with figure 8 oil grooves and lubrication fittings.

The bronze and bronze-plated demountable bushings offer superior resistance to seizure, the major cause of bushing wear. They are recommended in high speed applications and in applications with hide side thrust loads.

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