The Dayton Lamina Story

A New Name with A Long History

Dayton Lamina is a world leader in the production of catalog and special punches, die components, die details, and metal stamping tools. The new name actually stands on over 100 years of quality products and support to the metal-working and plastics industries. Formed in 2014 as a MISUMI Group Company, Dayton Lamina is comprised of trusted brands: Dayton Progress, Danly/IEM, Lamina, and Lempco. Each brand has its own distinctive history that complements the overall value offered by Dayton Lamina.


Dayton Lamina provides a diverse metal stamping product offering and global coverage to assist you every step of the way, in any country and any time zone. Dayton Lamina's brands provide confidence that your components will work as expected and will be available when promised. Dayton Lamina's technical and supply support services can assist you in managing program changes and challenges. With a long history, Dayton Lamina is trust-worthy and well-equipped for your future needs.


Lempco, the eldest in the Dayton Lamina family, began in 1918 as the Lake Erie Metal Products Company. As an internationally recognized manufacturer of die set guidance systems, Lempco serves major industries including canning, electronics, automotive, appliance, plastics, computer, and specialty items. The flagship product is the Rotainer®, a precision-designed ball cage that minimizes tracking.

Lempco Products


Danly / IEM

Danly, incorporated in 1923, revolutionized manufacturing with a standardized guide post die set. Danly's "interchangeability" method, for the first time, made it possible for the die designer to layout their die with absolute certainty that they would fit in the Danly die set specified. Danly/IEM continues to set the standard for die and mold components. The Danly/IEM product set includes a wide range of guide posts, bushings, die springs, wear plates, cams, and other diemakers' supplies.

Danly Products



Lamina began as a lamination die manufacturer in 1938 and has since evolved into exclusively manufacturing die and mold components. Lamina is intimately familiar with die and mold makers' needs and objectives. Precision machined bushings, guide posts, wear plates, and cams comprise the core products. However, Lamina distinguishes itself with its hydraulic motors and equipment products. These products affirm Lamina's goal to fully support die maintenance.

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Dayton Progress

Dayton Progress is the youngest of the companies, forming in 1946 as the Dayton Die Insert Company. In its first decade, Dayton introduced a standardized, engineer-focused punch catalog and the Firm Delivery Schedule. This delivery schedule was the first to bring speedy, "Just-In-Time" parts arrival to the punch industry. Dayton continues to lead the punch and die market with a complete selection of catalogs and technical brochures to help designers select the right die components. In-depth training programs are presented by knowledgeable Dayton field sales engineers.

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Dayton Progress