Single Head Pilot Retainers

PRT single head pilot retainers (for round punches) provide a timesaving, cost-effective solution for fitting isolated punches or pilots onto a die set. They eliminate the need to design, build, and fit one-of-a-kind retainers.

Pilots are critical tools used in a die set–ones that can ultimately determine the quality of a stamping or fabricating operation. Because they are the primary locating devices, pilots need to be mounted properly to avoid unwanted lateral deflection. As bending or forming of the metal takes place, this lateral deflection can create excessive force on the pilot. Often, the strength of the pilot–as well as the function of the other die set components–is compromised.

PRT Retainers are thicker than other retainers, therefore, offer more support and reliability in locating the fabricating strip. In addition, PRT Retainers are ground top and bottom; hardened to approximately RC 42; and include precision dowel locations, which allow them to be used in CNC applications.

All PRT Retainers are ready to mount, thus saving you time and money over building your own retainers. Build your next die with standard Dayton Progress PRT Retainers.

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