Jektole Punches

Versatile Jektole Punches are built to exact tolerances and concentricity to provide superior alignment, better performance, longer runs, and less downtime. Dayton Versatile products are considered "top-of-the-line" by regular users, and are mainstays in heavy industries with high-demand applications, such as automotive and major appliance manufacturing.

Versatile punches provide three times better alignment than other major brands, thus assuring longer runs and better part performance.

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VJX, VJO, VJR, VJK, VJH, VJJ, VJN, VJV, VJY, VJZ, VJC, VJX18, VJX25, VJX31, VJX37, VJX43, VJX50, VJX62, VJX75, VJX87, VJX100, VJO18, VJO25, VJO31, VJO37, VJO43, VJO50, VJO62, VJO75, VJO87, VJO100, VJR18, VJR25, VJR31, VJR37, VJR43, VJR50, VJR62, VJR75, VJR87, VJR100, VJK18, VJK25, VJK31, VJK37, VJK43, VJK50, VJK62, VJK75, VJK87, VJK100, VJH18, VJH25, VJH31, VJH37, VJH43, VJH50, VJH62, VJH75, VJH87, VJH100, VJJ18, VJJ25, VJJ31, VJJ37, VJJ43, VJJ50, VJJ62, VJJ75, VJJ87, VJJ100, VJN18, VJN25, VJN31, VJN37, VJN43, VJN50, VJN62, VJN75, VJN87, VJN100, VJV18, VJV25, VJV31, VJV37, VJV43, VJV50, VJV62, VJV75, VJV87, VJV100, VJY18, VJY25, VJY31, VJY37, VJY43, VJY50, VJY62, VJY75, VJY87, VJY100, VJZ18, VJZ25, VJZ31, VJZ37, VJZ43, VJZ50, VJZ62, VJZ75, VJZ87, VJZ100, VJC18, VJC25, VJC31, VJC37, VJC43, VJC50, VJC62, VJC75, VJC87, VJC100