Heavy Duty Springs

FORMATHANE springs are available for light, medium and heavy duty service. Selecting the proper service level for your application will depend on a number of factors, such as stock thickness, space limitations and the amount of deflection desired.

The I.D. of all FORMATHANE springs and strippers are molded slightly undersize to provide for a "press fit" onto the punch body. This feature eliminates the need for a set screw or stripper bolt when installing our springs - helping to reduce set-up time.

Hysteresis (internal heat build-up) is the most common cause of premature urethane spring failure. Since the amount of heat generated is a result of the number of strokes per hour combined with the amount of spring deflection, minimizing the percentage of deflection will extend the working life of the spring. Carefully review our load range charts when making your spring selections to avoid over-compression.

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